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At thirteen I had put together a very amateur school newspaper for a project. I loved every minute of it, taking photos and writing stories about school events and activities.

In those days, I had to glue my pictures and stories onto a page as my draft, then would make enough copies to hand out to my classmates. What an elementary yet delightful experience that was.


Throughout my mid to late teens, I was bored with algorithms and the periodic table, macro and micro economics were as interesting as a wet rag used to clean the toilet. I couldn’t wait to hear stories of the Vietnam War while my teacher softly played The Doors in the background. Or hear how Michael Henchard sold his wife and child to a sailor in The Mayor of Casterbridge. We were given assignments to write, we had to do essays and answer questions requiring long in-depth answers of all these amazing things we had learnt. I loved the research and process of compiling the assignment and presenting two sides of a story, while still putting forth a strong argument.

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